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17/3/2016 at 19:00 Who after Obama- European Perspectives on the American Presidential Election
What is at stake for Germany and Europe in the upcoming US presidential election? What are the various perspectives from Germany? Is the current nomination process the expression of a moment of crisis in American democracy or a sign of its healthy condition? How does the double-shifting state of European and American democracies affect the trans-Atlantic relationship and what are the global implications?

27/4/2016 at 18:00 Find Yourself A City to Live In- The Trans- Local Art Scene in Berlin
Find Yourself A City To Live In” gathers artists, performers, international students to open dialog and explore cocreative connections between Berlin & other cities worldwide. “Find Yourself A City To Live In” is a mixed microfestival evening of moderated panel discussions, workshops & live performance that celebrates transnational collaboration and creativity in Berlin.

Find Yourself A City To Live In” is inspired by French curator and critic Nicolas Bourriaud’s metaphorical description of current “ Radicant” c cultural as a clinging, climbing, ivy growing through multiple complex modern landscapes of identity and meanings. Radiant artists send out and set down multiple tender shoots in cities around the world that grow to become roots drawing creative nourishment and inspirational light from new environments. With no central root, searching forward and playing with others, Radicant culture finds self negotiated encounters and cocreative connections in a rigorous mixing among others resulting in creolized consciousness and collaborations.

Mixing new places and people, “Find Yourself A City To Live In” will celebrate international music, theatrical & visual collaborations that thread through Berlin. We will discuss and show ways that new artists, students and performers connect and collaborate in person and over the Internet. This event is a broad invitation to join and create with others in the spirit of borderless invention and exploration.